About Beseme Havanese

Puppy Cams

We have several puppy cams set up to watch our puppies grow!

To view our puppy cam #1 click here.
To view our puppy cam #2 click here.
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To view our puppy cam #4 (not in operation at this time) click here.

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions:

All of my puppies are chosen in the order deposits are received and puppies are not chosen until evaluations for show potential are performed at 8 weeks of age but, typically, we have a pretty good idea who might be show potential before 8 weeks. A deposit is a $500 personal check that is not cashed until you pick up your puppy, holding your place in line, and leaving you free to look elsewhere to find a puppy sooner or closer to you without the fear of losing your deposit. When someone asks if I have a certain puppy available, I have to answer "yes, but the people on my waiting list will get to choose first, so it may not be available by time it is your turn to choose." That's why I do not cash your check until you have come to pick up your puppy.

Availability: Each of the puppies will be listed as “reserved” until all of the people on my waiting list have been given a chance to choose a puppy if any are available. Once I have received decisions from each person on my waiting list (as long as there are puppies still needing a family), any remaining puppies’ availability will be changed to “available.” If a puppy has been chosen, its availability will be changed to “sold.”

My adult dogs range in size from 8 pounds to 13 pounds (mid-size) and so depending upon which dogs are the parents, I could have puppies that will be smaller adults and some that will be of the mid-size range of the Havanese standard. None of my dogs are considered large.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have had a HUGE increase in volume of inquiries, which require hours every day to respond to. In addition, my computer was broken and I lost nearly three weeks of response time and got way behind in answering emails. Texting takes even more time because I am very slow at texting and constantly having to go back up and correct typos. So, to save time, please let your first inquiry be your questionnaire, which is available on my "Contact Us" page. Once I review your questionnaire, I will send a Deposit Contract to you for you to fill out and return to me with your check. I can take Venmo or Paypal (friends and family--no fee), but would rather have your check that I can tape to your deposit contract, sign that I received it, and then scan and email back to you.

Pet puppies are usually $2000 and will come with limited registration and a spay/neuter contract. Only show potential puppies will be sold with full registration (and only a select few will be evaluated as show potential). All puppies will be microchipped, age-appropriate vaccinations, dewclaws removed, and prepaid AKC registration.

Getting to Know Me:

I got my first Havanese, Cookie, in 1991 when I got lucky and my vet knew about them and had a client that raised them. Cookie is part of the foundation stock when AKC first recognized the Havanese as a breed. I got my first "show/breeding" quality Havanese in 2004 when I got Kizzy, CH Liveoak's Southern Charm (now 16 years old). I had been on their waiting list for five years trying to get a show and breeding quality female even though I had never shown before and I lived in Utah where we had very few shows. I got Karli, CH SandCastle's Heart's Desire, a year later--no long wait this time. I definitely got the bug when I started showing Kizzy and the rest is history. I have many bred-by champions and puppies all over the country being shown, but mostly I have been able to provide a wonderful sweet and loving Havanese to a lot of great people across the country. Through this wonderful breed, I have lots of new friends, even into Canada and Europe.

I am located near Salt Lake City, Utah, and I do not ship my puppies. You need to either come here to pick up your puppy or find a pet transporter that will fly with the puppy in the cabin with them. Sometimes I have two puppy buyers in the same region of the country who share expenses, with one coming out and taking two puppies home with them on the plane.